A field experiment research of consumption valuation of free‐range chicken

Hans Baltzley, Marcelino Birley


This paper presents results of a field experiment designed to assess willingness to consumefree‐range chicken in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. In order enhance the direct costs of acian influenza as well as global public healt externality, improved safety of chicken production and trading is required as an important part of avian influenza control strategy. Due to the lack of sufficient data in consumer demand for safely produced free‐range chicken. Our research overcomes the major challenge that valuing characteristics of products sold in informal markets.  Participants were elected as representative of potential consumers, choice has to be made between discount coupons for either safety‐labeled chicken or regular chicken. Results indicate that consumers will pay at least $1, per chicken purchase for safety labeling, which can be concluded that with this small premium, consumers with more education have higher valuation of safety labeling. Therefore, safety labeling for high‐quality free‐range chicken can play a role in controlling livestock disease and improving public health.


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